Our Story – Developed by Colleen Riley a single working mother of two who struggled for years to lose unwanted fat.

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Like so many women I was trying to balance a healthy lifestyle with the demands of a career and my family, I needed a solution that would fit both my schedule and limited budget. My interest was piqued when I heard about a non-invasive option that freezes fat off the body, with no incisions and no recovery time. But a consultation with a plastic surgeon left me deeply disappointed: the procedure was too expensive, starting at $1,200 per treatment. Not only that, after charging $150 for the consultation, the Doctor tried to sell me an additional $8,000 of liposuction! I left the office feeling fatter and poorer than when I walked in. No closer to finding the ideal fat loss product, I decided to develop it myself and share it with all the women out there looking for the same solution.

myCoolSlim – A revolutionary at-home solution to shed unwanted fat – safely, affordably, and effectively.


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