I have been using myCoolSlim™ for over 1 year now. I try to use it every night before I go to bed for 30 minutes. It definitely helps me fit into my skinny jeans.

∼ Debbie A., Age 55 ∼

I started my journey on June 27th and as of THIS morning (July 15) I have lost just shy of 2 inches!! I could not be happier!! If you are on the fence about trying myCoolSlim, I beg you PLEASE try it! I have been big my whole life and have never had anything work THIS well!! I was blessed the day I saw the post that started THIS whole journey!!

∼ Tess Osborne Quarles 

I couldn’t believe it, in just eight weeks I lost inches off of each of my thighs after using myCoolSlim™.

Olivia E., Age 21

My life is very busy between working full time and raising a 5 year old. I work out but could never seem to lose the belly fat after having my son. I have been using myCoolSlim™ for over 4 weeks now and I’m finally seeing a big improvement my stomach looks leaner and flatter. Next I am moving on to my thighs!

∼ Chanda S., Age 30 ∼

myCoolSlim™ was perfect to help me lose a few inches here and there. I’m not a gym bunny and don’t have time to be, so being able to put on the wrap to slim down at home has been a good fit for my lifestyle.

Megan M., Age 23 

myCoolSlim™ was great to use on my stomach. I never thought I could get some of the fat off but I am down a whole waist size.

∼ Kathleen R., Age 75 ∼

I was lucky enough to be one of the first users of myCoolSlim™ and it is amazing. It slimmed my thighs and hips in just a few weeks. These were areas were my tough areas where the fat just would not budge.

Jenna S., Age 21 ∼

I wanted to get in better shape, but was having a hard time slimming down my outer thigh at the gym. I used myCoolSlim™ for about a month and I can see the difference. Now I feel better about wearing less layers this summer.

Sandra L., Age 39 

I’ve been trying to lose the last few inches from my waist and finally saw a difference using myCoolSlim™. It was great to still be able to still get things done around the house and use the wrap at the same time. The best kind of multi-tasking!

Eliza D., Age 42 

I started using myCoolSlim™ a few weeks ago and I like that it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg or a bunch of time at the doctors office to look better in my bathing suit. I’m just starting to see results so I’m going to keep at it until my summer beach trip to look as good as possible.

Holly G., Age 46 

I was one of the first users of myCoolSlim™. It is an amazing product and I had fantastic results. I came across it first by going to one of those expensive appointments to check out the really expensive treatments for getting rid of fat and just could not afford it. So I found myCoolSlim™, I tried it on one leg at first just to see if it really worked and within three weeks I lost 3/4” in the leg and I was just amazed. So I continued using it, I’ve got amazing results. It’s an incredible product and I’d highly recommend it.

Colleen R., Age 43 

…got it last week and I can already see a difference. I have done Zerona laser Lipo etc. in my opinion this is just as effective. Thanks for offering a great product!

 Robin S ∼

I used myCoolSlim™ at first to get rid of belly fat, and I was so happy with the results that now I’m trying it out on my hips.

∼ Faith L., Age 55 

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